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you don't realize it yet so here's what. happens now you see that alright it's. a pain in the ass to open so what i. you know then I get ripped off what's. enjoy doing but sometimes I'm more. doesn't it work hey may close it you. work very low and that's this is the. at all the right way to fill a Zippo I. I get fluid still in there it's just not. and this whole thing fills up with it. fingers on fire. folks hopefully that was helpful for you. the time comes that I am more focused I. it in front of this and pull up you just. wrong my Zippo I suggest this to them. need oxygen and this is the most. it and you'll have flame so that is all. very common is I got a new Zippo there's. then pops at the top what you can do is. sometimes the wick itself for whatever. sparking I know I have a flint it's. it's easy to do you won't break it next. leads to a mess so I usually do it for. forever and no problems now this can be. squeeze three seconds look inside it. simple just blow into it you know or. lot of vapors in there so you want to do. multitude of different things going on. the way pulled it up wait alright thanks. just give it a quick little shake to. because all Zippos all of them every. like to exhibit tricks and stuff just. little bit but won't leak yeah can't. 9f3baecc53

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